Bespoke & Custom Services

Bespoke Design

At Bluebell we understand the value of bespoke design. Whether you are an architect closing a thermal envelope; a contractor complying with Grade I heritage regulations; or an interior designer specifying large-scale commercial lighting, our team has the expertise to assist in the creation of products which are niche, luxury and wholly unique.

Bluebell’s product range has been hand chosen based on the merits of our partners; this includes their willingness to work with us on specialist architectural and design projects, creating bespoke solutions that fulfill custom design requirements.


Customising your Product

The majority of the our product range is specified on a made-to-order basis providing increased opportunities for customisation. While our bespoke service is able to offer something truly unique, customisation gives the option to choose from within the specified product options, including model, colour, dimensions, materials and finishes.

Whatever the luxury aesthetic, contemporary demand or architectural product requirement, these custom services allow our team to take a flexible approach to specification.

With custom wooden flooring layouts, wall finishes, door designs, and glazing dimensions; simply select your product and contact the Bluebell staff for your tailored DWG.