Glossy Wall Coatings

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Bespoke by nature

Oikos paint’s decorative finishes are bespoke by nature. These paint and plaster finishes require an element of craftsmanship, with different application techniques, product combinations and tinting processes able to create a wide range of decorative effects.

Plasters can be smooth or rough to the touch, suitable for outdoors or interiors, while paint finishes can be trowel applied to create textured effects or the appearance of gold leaf.

Bluebell have been working closely with Oikos for many years, and we have the expertise and product knowledge to provide assistance and technical details, or even create a bespoke decorative finish for custom needs.

Please note additional application and colour matching services are available for architects and design professionals

Finishing Suggestions

These sleek glossy wall coatings can be specified with either metallic or flat shine, and lending a reflective dynamic aspect to flat surfaces.

To view the full range of colour palates and options available from Oikos please download the Oikos colour charts, or in the case of custom creations contact the Bluebell team directly.

  • Pale gold gloss Wall Finish.
    Bluebell Custom Creation 25
  • Bluebell custom white Wall Finish.
    Bluebell Custom Creation 22
  • White Smooth Shiny Wall Finish
    Bluebell Custom Creation 21
  • Brilliant pastel blue Finish from Bluebell.
    Bluebell Custom Creation 26
  • Silver metallic painting technique.
    Imp 09*
  • Dark silver, metallic Wall Finish.
    Imp 90*

*Metallic finishes.


  • Low VOC
  • Carbon Absorption
  • Anti-bacterial lime base (plaster products only)


Silver metallic painting technique.For Imp Finishes0.97mb