Sail: The Glass Door

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Minimal architectural glass

Sail by Albed, whether specified as a sliding or swing glass door model, introduces architectural glass design to luxury interiors. The minimal aesthetic of Sail incorporates runners, hinges and metal fixtures into the door’s visual style proving an edgy contemporary feel and sleek art-glass opening.



  • Glass 10 Door Finish
    Glass 10
  • Glass 11 Door Finish
    Glass 11
  • Glass 15 Door Finish
    Glass 15
  • Glass 16
  • Glass 17 Door Finish
    Glass 17
  • Glass 18 Door Finish
    Glass 18
  • Glass 63 Door Finish
    Glass 63
  • Glass 64
  • Glass 65 Door Finish
    Glass 65
  • Glass 92
  • Glass 93 Door Finish
    Glass 93
  • Cross patterned glass Door Finish
    Patterned Glass 84
  • Cross patterned glass Door Finish
    Patterned Glass 83
  • Crack patterned glass Door Finish
    Patterned Glass 86
  • Patterned Glass 85


  • Sliding Door
    • Max. Width – 1.3 m
    • Max. Height – 2.7 m
  • Swing Door
    • Max Width – 0.9 m
    • Max. Height – 2.7 m

*Sail is a custom built interior door model; it can be specified in any combination of height & width, provided the dimensions do not exceed the specified maximum.

Installing your Sail door:

  • Sail swing door comprises a single pane of safety glass, attached to the wall via mirror hinges, and interrupted only by the handle mechanism.
  • Sail swing system uses telescopic framing details that enable adjustment on site for optimum fit.
  • Sail sliding door is attached to the wall via a top rail; this rail detail provides opening hardware and operates as part of the door’s contemporary aesthetic.
  • A soft opening and closing system, double glass options are available.