Nova: Glass Pivot Door

Innovative Glass Pivot Door

Nova – a fully glazed entrance solution. Introducing the glass pivot door that brings attention to the landscapes that exist outside, Nova pushes the boundaries of luxury door design by combining cutting-edge thermal efficiency and security performance with clean, architectural lines, focusing on the inlet of natural light.

The Nova door represents a new aesthetic design for architectural pivot doors. This “fully glazed”, weatherproof entrance door couples glass and aluminium to incredible aesthetic effect. Framed in a choice of specially selected colours,  the aluminium frame and handles are able to be contrasted or matched together in colour as required. Nova is specifiable with a selection of twelve modern ‘moods’ of colour to suit any design – from traditional external doors to large showroom entrances.

Nova’s certified Class 3 Break-In Resistance – the same used by the other products in Bluebell’s range of Oikos doors – makes this an exceptional security door, specifiable with security or thermal glass. The door’s eco credentials are also impressive: designed for thermal efficiency and solar gains, Nova’s specially designed double and triple glazed glass presents U-values of just 0.98 W/m2k.

The door’s versatility doesn’t stop at its energy efficiency – it can also be installed alongside other glass elements, like sidelights and glass facades. By literally playing to its strengths, the cleverly-designed concealed pivot hinge can support the weight of a glass door specified up to 6.3m high, and up to 3.5m wide.




Handles can contrast or match the chosen colour of a Nova door as required.

Cold Frame Finishes

  • Nova: Glass Pivot Door
    Deep Blue
  • Nova: Glass Pivot Door
    Lagoon Green
  • Nova: Glass Pivot Door
    Sea Silver

Dark Frame Finishes

  • Oikos Nova Glass Pivot Door Frame Metropolitan
  • Nova: Glass Pivot Door
  • Nova: Glass Pivot Door

Warm Frame Finishes

  • Oikos Nova Glass Pivot Door Platinum Finish
  • Nova: Glass Pivot Door
  • Bluebell Nova Glass Pivot Door Copper Finish

Light Frame Finishes

  • Bluebell Nova Glass Pivot Door Pearl Finish
  • Nova: Glass Pivot Door
  • Nova: Glass Pivot Door


Glass Size (mm)

  • 1100×2100
  • 1200×2400
  • 1300×2400
  • 1300×2500
  • 1500×2500
  • 1300×2700
  • 1700×3100
  • 2250×4000

Nova can be specified in a range of custom dimensions.

Numerous combinations of height and width are possible, provided they do not exceed the above parameters.

Locking Systems

Automated cylinder lock with 8 locking points and internal defender plate. Nova glass pivot door is specifiable with luxury Arckey control system and standard Oikos locking mechanisms.

  • Manual locking system
  • Automated remote control with fob
  • Automated locking with fingerprint recognition
  • Automated locking with keypad operation
  • Automated locking with Oikos card
  • Smartphone locking with Arckey smartphone wireless system



  • Electronic Remote with Transponder
    Remote with Transponder
  • Electronic Door with Keypad
    Keypad Locking
  • Nova: Glass Pivot Door
  • Nova: Glass Pivot Door

Arckey Wireless System: