Our Heritage

A Service to Match Our Products

The Bluebell team has been collaborating with architects and designers for over thirty years, and it is this industry insight that sets us apart. Our specification team strive to match product to project, providing intelligent solutions-architecture that combines contemporary luxury and valued technical requirements.

Our Core Values

Charting the evolution of the building industry, Bluebell is in an ideal position when it comes to specification. Our passion for design is tempered by extensive technical experience and we are dedicated to bringing you the latest in luxury Italian aesthetics.

At Bluebell we care about more than designer branding and minimal aesthetics, we care about the quality of our resources, the technical details of our products, and the ethos of our manufacturers. We cater for luxury commercial and residential projects and offer a range of bespoke and custom specification services.


Meet the Founders

After working in the construction and interior design industries for many years, Bluebell’s founders decided to harness their combined expertise in order to bring you a luxury specification service that you can trust. We value technical knowhow and passion for design, qualities that have shaped our company’s core values and guided the bespoke services we provide.