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Zeroframe: Glass-to-edge glazing innovation

ES Finestra has broken the mould with their Zeroframe window, a minimalist design with maximum light inlet. The full focus of the Zeroframe casement is its sleek, thin frame – letting in up to 40% more light than traditional windows. With no casement visible on the outside, this allows for full transparency and clever concealing of the window’s hardware. On the inside, the opening mechanism is included inside the handle, another forward-thinking feat of design. This clever placement helps to avoid any external elements interrupting the minimalist design.

With form comes functionality and Zeroframe offers a multitude of functions and environmental safeguards. Lift the handle 135° for a minimal opening for an air exchange, or turn the handle 180° and tilt the window open. Zeroframe offers a Class C wind resistance, up to 42db noise reduction, progressive thermal values, and Class 4 air tightness.

In-keeping with ES Finestra’s signature aesthetic, the glass-to-edge look of this particular window system is a vital part of the product’s passive house compliant, sustainable design.

By expanding the parameters of the glass-pane to incorporate the entire sash, ES Finestra has been able to reduce thermal bridging and minimise noise pollution. Making the most of solar gains, ES Finestra glass provides a protective, weather-tight layer that prevents damage to the window’s aluminium components.


ES Finestra Zeroframe glazing systems are be specified in a number of formats that are designed to work interchangeably with other ES Finestra glazing models.


  • Handle 90 ° from closed engages side hung opening.
  • Handle 180 ° from closed engages tilt & turn


  • Max. Surface Area – 1.95 m2
  • Min. Sash Dimensions – W:0.45 x H:0.6 m
  • Max. Weight – 100 kg


  • Max. Surface Area – 1.9 m2
  • Min. Sash Dimensions – W:0.45 x H:0.6 m
  • Max. Weight – 100 kg


  • Double Glazing: 33.1/24/6T
  • Triple Glazing: 33.1/15/4T/15/6T

Profile Details

  • Standard Finished ES Finestra Casement Black
    • Frame, Sash & Threshold Profile – Oxidated Black
    • Serigraphy – Black
    • Handle – PVD Black
  • Standard Finished ES Finestra Casement White
    • Frame Profile – Painted White RAL 9010
    • Sash Profile – Silver Oxidated
    • Serigraphy – White
    • Handle – Satin-Finished Chrome
  • Standard Finished ES Finestra Casement Grey
    • Frame Profile – Painted Grey RAL 7042
    • Sash Profile – Silver Oxidated
    • Serigraphy – Grey
    • Handle – Satin-Finished Chrome


Technical Drawings

ES Finestra glazing systems can be specified with additional side opening mechanisms and alongside fixed casements. These technical drawings display the opening mechanisms of the ES Finestra casement.


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