Undici: Engraved Flooring

Listone Giordano Rustic wooden flooring Atelier: Rustic Oak Wooden Flooring
MANUFACTURER - Listone Giordano / MODEL - Undici

Interiors Enhanced with Engraved Flooring

Listone Giordano’s exclusive Undici collection, created in collaboration with Inkiostro Bianco, celebrates the unique versatility of wood and its place as a definitive interior design product. The collection presents parquet engraved with indelible grooves, a re-imagining of natural wooden floors and traditional laying techniques to form a new kind of flooring design.

Undici offers ten exciting textures and patterns in oak, complemented with natural untouched sections – “Eleven” board types in total – creating bespoke and unique design statements. With a hand-crafted look created by precise laser engraving, this is a collection of charming contemporary design engraved flooring, created in collaboration with some of the world’s best interior designers.

By using this specialised and precise laser engraving technique, the wood is not subjected to harmful or unnatural processes, achieving an inspiring and cutting-edge aesthetic design. Natural oak planks finished with natural oils are either scored and incised (Decoro) or slightly brushed retaining the natural surface of wood (Fondo). The boards are supplied to projects with all eleven designs, allowing the architect, specifier or end-user to create a unique patterned floor, bespoke to their needs – even in herringbone formation.

All Listone Giordano wooden flooring is compliant with underfloor heating systems.


Undici’s engineered boards are supplied in a unique range of different patterns and designs.

Patterns supplied:

  • Natural Sustainable Oak Flooring
  • Listone Giordano Undici Flooring Pattern 1
  • Listone Giordano Undici Flooring Pattern 2
  • Listone Giordano Undici Flooring Pattern 3
  • Listone Giordano Undici Flooring Pattern 4
  • Listone Giordano Undici Flooring Pattern 5
  • Listone Giordano Undici Flooring Pattern 6
  • Listone Giordano Undici Flooring Pattern 7
  • Listone Giordano Undici Flooring Pattern 8
  • Listone Giordano Undici Flooring Pattern 9
  • Listone Giordano Undici Flooring Pattern 10

NOTE: All boards are sourced from Listone Giordano’s privately owned, FSC approved reserves. Listone Giordano care about the provenance of all their materials and all other wood products are PEFC certified.

Listone Giordano has tripled the yield from their Oak reserves over the last century, with the help of sustainable forestry practices.

Laying Patterns

Undici can be specified and installed in five contemporary compositions, created using bevell-edged board designs.

Board Composition

Thickness –

  • Top Layer – 3.5 mm
  • Support Layer – 9 mm (birch with marine glue)
  • Overall Board – 12.5 mm


Preserving the feel of untreated wood with Invisible touch water-based varnish. This varnishing option preserves that natural beauty of the raw material, sustainable oak.

  • Invisible Touch (with the feel of natural wood) + Crystalcare anti-bacterial treatment
Listone Giordano Undici Boards Patterns4.71mb


Listone Giordano is passionate about the provenance and quality of their wood. Sustainable owners of their own oak forests, all products are FSC and PEFC compliant.

Crystalcare anti-bacterial finishing and the solvent free nature of all Listone Giordano varnishes ensures a tactile, environmentally safe product for the end user.

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