Slide: Geometric Wooden Flooring

Listone Giordano Rustic wooden flooring Atelier: Rustic Oak Wooden Flooring
MANUFACTURER - Listone Giordano / MODEL - Slide

Custom Flooring Layouts

Designer: Daniele Lago

Based on Da Vinci’s theory that a small number of geometric shapes can create unlimited compositional possibilities, the laying pattern of Slide can be radial, linear, or regimented. This avant-garde approach to luxury wooden flooring design is typical of flooring pioneer’s Listone Giordano, the original inventors of tongue and groove wooden flooring systems.

Slide is part of the Natural Genius collection, which offers a contemporary take on traditional wood flooring crafts.

Engineered wooden flooring with a surface wear layer of sustainable oak, Slide was designed as a hardwood geometric wooden flooring solution but can also be specified as luxury wall paneling.

All Listone Giordano wooden flooring is compliant with underfloor heating systems.



Slide's engineered boards can be finished in a range of different sustainable oak hues.

These PEFC and FSC finishing options are specified for the top wear layer of Listone Giordano wooden boards only.

  • Natural Sustainable Oak Finish
  • White Sustainable Oak Finish
  • Black Sustainable Oak Finish
    Testa di Moro
  • Brown Sustainable Oak Finish
  • Gold Sustainable Oak Finish

NOTE: All finishes are sourced from Listone Giordano’s privately owned, FSC approved reserves. Listone Giordano care about the provenance of all their materials and all wood products are PEFC certified.

Listone Giordano has tripled the yield from their Oak reserves over the last century, with the help of sustainable forestry practices.


Slide designer wooden flooring comes in a number of customised contemporary installation patterns.

The options below offer an idea of possible installations, but each layout has the capacity for individual customisation.

Board Composition

Thickness – (Opt.1 Walls /Opt.2 Floors)

  • Top Layer – 1/3.5 mm
  • Support Layer – 12/9 mm (birch with marine glue)
  • Overall Board – 13/12.5 mm

Technical Details

Treatments & Varnishes

Listone Giordano offer a range of surface finishing treatments for their wooden flooring.

Slide has been designed to reflect the natural beauty of sustainable wood and is specified with a natural oil treatment and Nature Plus solvent-free varnish.

  • Natural oil treatment (Olenature) + Crystalcare
  • Nature Plus + Crystalcare

*Crystalcare anti-bacterial treatment


Listone Giordano Product CatalogueSize
Listone Giordano wooden flooringNatural Genius Collection4.65mb


Listone Giordano is passionate about the provenance and quality of their wood. Sustainable owners of their own oak forests, all products are FSC and PEFC compliant.

Crystalcare anti-bacterial finishing and the solvent free nature of all Listone Giordano varnishes ensures a tactile, environmentally safe product for the end user.

  • FSC Compliance Logo
  • PEFC Compliance Logo
  • Solvent Free Certification Logo
    Solvent Free
  • Crystalcare Anti-Bacterial Treatment
    Crystalcare Anti-bacterial
  • Formaldehyde Free Certification
    Formaldehyde Free
  • ISO 9001 Certification Logo
    ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001 Certification Logo
    ISO 14001