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The climate controlled wine rack…

The ideal solution for budding wine connoisseurs and dedicated sommeliers; introducing Bat-Tech’s master wine cabinets that bring an element of verve and luxury to contemporary interiors. Bat-tech’s bespoke finishing options and RGB LED lighting systems ensure that each individual bottle is subtly back-lit and beautifully presented.

How is temperature controlled?

Digitally compatible with smartphones, tablets, and home automation systems, rows of wine can be individually warmed or cooled via the control app, creating the perfect, ready to decant, serving temperature.

Temperature range of 4°C – 12°C applies to all products.

Opening and closing…

With a glass window designed for maximum viewing, this wine display is uninterrupted by bulky chiller doors, the glass front retracting seamlessly into the frame when required. This action can be triggered by motion sensor or remote request.


40 bottles

  • Dimensions – 792 x 605 x 2303
  • Weight – 250 kg

56 bottles

  • Dimensions – 1038 x 605 x 2303
  • Weight – 270 kg

72 bottles

  • Dimensions – 1284 x 605 x 2302
  • Weight – 290 kg


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