Listone Giordano unveil visually stunning engraved flooring

Listone Giordano

Strip Pattern Undici Engraved Flooring by Listone Giordano


The design team has been busy at Listone Giordano. Recently, the company released a new product for 2017 that pushes the boundaries of contemporary flooring design and at the same time, keeps true to their founding principles of ecological wood production and forestry management.

So what’s new for Listone Giordano?

Undici Collection: engraved parquet

This is a seriously exciting collection that is unlike anything we’ve seen before. “Undici” – Italian for “Eleven” – is a collection of ten patterned boards interspersed with natural untouched boards (making eleven designs in total). Made in collaboration with graphic design company Inkiostro Bianco, this engraved flooring seeks to offer an alternative to traditional parquet and most importantly allows designers to experiment with their floor design. Precise laser engraving and brushed effects create unique patterns, with each set supplied with a random assortment of designs so no two Undici floors will ever look the same. It’s a brilliant concept and we can’t wait to see this specified!


Beneath the spectacular design of the top of the board sits the same patented birch multi-layer support system found in all of Listone’s flooring products. Not only can it sit on top of underfloor heating systems easily, but also on walls too!

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