Quadra: Modern Interior Doors

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Contemporary design modern interior glass and solid doors

Quadra: modern interior doors. The Quadra swing door is a minimal modern interior door, able to be customised and adapted to suit a wide range of interior design specifications. Designed as a single swing interior door, Quadra beautifully adorns custom architectural entrances with a flush contemporary aesthetic. Its unique range of finishing options, from RAL lacquers to patterned glass, completes the look.

The Quadra Door can also be specified as Quadra Corridoio, an art-deco inspired aluminium-framed interior door with industrial appeal, perfect for modern interiors and dividing space in homes, offices, and restaurants.

The Quadra, modern interior glass door by Albed. Quadra: Modern Interior glass and solid doors supplied by Bluebell Architectural Products UK.

Quadra: Modern Interior Doors supplied by Bluebell Architectural Products.


Wood & Faux Finishes

  • Pale wood Door Finish
    White Ash
  • Medium wood Door Finish
    Light Ash
  • Dark wood Door Finish
    Dark Ash
  • Black wood Door Finish
    Black Ash
  • Walnut Door Finish
  • Wenge Door Finish
  • Bluebell Architectural Design Products Albed doors leather finishes
    Leather Finishes

RAL Lacquers

  • Ri-Trait Sliding door
    RAL Lacquers

*Albed doors are specifiable in any RAL coloured lacquer.


  • Ri-Trait swing door
    Quadra Glass colours
  • Ri-Trait swing door
    Quadra Glass Satin colours
  • Ri-Trait swing door
    Quadra Reflex Glass colours
  • Bluebell Products Albed Doors Glass Finishes Patterns
    Quadra Patterned Glass

*Finishes available with double glass door specification.


(Max. Width / Max.Height)

  • Swing
    • 0.8 / 2.7 m

*Quadra is a custom built interior door model; it can be specified in any combination of height & width, provided the dimensions do not exceed the specified maximum (pivot door available in specified sizes only).

Installing your Quadra Door:

  • Quadra swing uses a small knuckle hinge. It is flush one side, attached to the wall via a pre-installed counter frame recessed into the plasterboard or brick. This counter-frame comes with and without architrave.
  • All Quadra door hinges and frames can be adjusted on site to ensure the fit and opening of the door work seamlessly with the door’s environment.


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Bluebell Architectural and Design Products Albed Omnibook Technical manualOmnibook 20188.93mb
Bluebell Architectural Products Albed Doors Glass Door Finishes BrochureFinishes Brochure1.05mb