Oikos on trend with Copper Wall Finishes


Oikos on trend with Copper Wall Finishes

Oikos’ ‘Corroded’ copper finishes embrace natural metal ageing

Warm metals are finding their way further into both commercial and residential spaces. What was once known as industrial chic – exposed beams, concrete pillars, trusses, and girders – has transcended to metals, now manifesting in hardware and surface finishes, its presence more subtle than before.

Copper has become a fast favourite in the world of interior design – its timelessness and reflective properties give it mass appeal; it’s a rich, warm, characterful metal, and as such, it has become a popular, elegant aesthetic that is more on-trend than ever. So long, stainless steel! Arrivederci, aluminium!

Oxidised Copper (L) and Oxidised Textured Copper (R)

When it comes to surface finishes and innovation, Oikos have always challenged the status quo, and are the trend-setters in the world of paints and plasters. Their ‘corroded’ surface finishes – including a beautiful Antique Copper, Rust, Corroded Copper and Oxidised Copper – aim to embrace the natural way that metals age and wear over a period of time. These textures and colours are best used covering large surfaces as statement pieces. Understated, reflective, and warm, copper finishes can completely change a building’s aesthetic focus.

Oikos have cleverly undone hundreds of years of battling against the natural process metals go through from their exposure to nature, reinterpreting a natural material and changing the way designers and observers react to it. Designers no longer have to fight deterioration; it is now embraced as a natural part of a sustainable material. These finishes not only reinforce the idea that copper is a natural material but can also soften harsh or dark backdrops – and in an age where mixed materials are increasing in popularity, an aged copper wall finish erupting from a wooden or concrete floor is a fantastic pairing.

Inviting a sense of wonderment and warmth into a room, Oikos’s corroded Copper, Bronze and Rust tones – part of their new Imperium Collection – are certainly ahead of the design curve for 2017.